“We Were Not Used To Celebrity Life Before Now” OONI’s Sister, Princess ADESOLA Opens Up To City People

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Princess Adesola is one of the pretty sisters of the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi. She is not only pretty, she is stylish too. A few weeks ago, she spoke to City People about how her brother’s ascension to the throne has altered her lifestyle. Unlike before when she could hide and do her thing quietly, she has suddenly become a  goldfish that has no hiding place. She spoke to City People Publisher, SEYE KEHINDE about her new lifestyle.

People call you Princess Adesola, what are your full names?

I am Princess Adesola Ogunwusi-Olojede.

How have you been able to adjust to your new lifestyle?

It hasn’t been easy but I am trying to adjust. Yes, I have always been a Princess but with my brother becoming Ooni, a lot changed. Suddenly, we found ourselves having to play so many roles which we didn’t prepare for. So, I am trying to adjust to the new life I have found myself in, basically in the way I relate with people. We meet a lot of people every day. A lot of people call us that they want us to attend their event or that they want us to do something for them. I am doing my best to please everybody. It is a big task. With the help of Almighty God we  would succeed.

How did the sudden change in exposure affect your lifestyle?

It has affected everybody in the family from my dad to his sisters. We are all quiet people. We are not used to celebrity life. We are the homely type especially myself. We are not used to the life of a celebrity or being in public. I don’t have friends. My sisters are my friends. Now, it has affected me a bit because we have to go out always, we have to meet a lot of people. Many people don’t know I am a shy person. I am just trying to cope. I have been trying to do away with the shyness and get used to the reality that I am a Princess and a celebrity at the same time.

How was growing up like?

My growing up was fun. I loved reading books. I loved doing household chores, I didn’t like going out when I was growing. I always liked to keep myself busy in the house. I used to help my mummy to plait her hair. My mummy had a big shop and sold a lot of things. I normally stayed in the shop to help her. At times I hawked minerals. These are all the things I did when I was growing up.

How about the schools you attended?

I went to Isabatudeen Girls Grammar School, Orita Bashorun, Ibadan. Then, I went to College of Education, Ilesha and later, I went to Obafemi Awolowo University where I studied English/Education.

When you were young, what did you plan to do when you grow up?

I have always wanted to set up a school, because I love teaching. I have been doing that for a while. Recently, I stopped it. I have always wanted to have a crèche to take care of little kids and babies and all the ones that are not yet matured. I love teaching. I love children. That was what I had in mind when I was growing up and I had the mind of being a Nurse. I later changed my mind to go into Education. So, I taught in so many schools, most of the students I taught in these schools are all grown. Most of them have passed out of the University.

You are a stylish princess, how did you develop your style?

I got the motivation from my sister. When I was growing up, I didn’t really like fashion. I didn’t like wearing jewelry, trinkets because I was like a Deeper Life Church member. Later, when I saw how my sister normally dresses, I started to love fashion. She will wear beads. She will do colour combination. So, I took after her and I went into fashion. And ever since I went into it, I have not regretted it. It is so good. I dress well. I take care of my looks, my hairdo. I pay attention to the kind of shoes I wear the jewelry I wear,  etc.

How do you see Kabiyesi’s efforts so far?

Kabiyesi is really, really God-sent. He has been trying. He has been doing a lot of things to improve the lives of people. He has gone into the large scale production of cocoa. He did empowerment for widows. Those who lost their husbands during the Modakeke crisis. He was able to launch about 5 co-operative societies. He travelled abroad recently to bring foreign investors to invest in Ile-Ife and Nigeria as a whole. So, Kabiyesi has been trying and I pray that God will continue to strengthen him the more.

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