What’s New on Facebook for Business this Month

What’s New on Facebook for Business this Month

August 26th, 2016

If you’re looking for everything new on Facebook for Business, you’ve come to the right place. Just like in July, June, May and April, we’ve gathered a list of all the Facebook marketing materials published this month to help marketers keep up with what’s new. Here are the updates and resources that went live in August.

New products, updates and features

We announced exciting new features for slideshow ads, including the ability to create slideshows on mobile devices, use assets from our stock image library and add text overlays and music to ads.

Introducing Instagram Stories, a new feature that lets people share all the personal moments of their day, not just the ones they want to keep on their profile. Businesses can use it to share their story in creative ways using text and drawing tools. The photos and videos that are posted disappear after 24 hours and won’t appear on a profile grid or in feed.

New reference materials

People are more bombarded than ever with marketing messages. Learn how breakthrough brands grow fast, get big sales and garner headlines.

We gathered the latest tips and insights on how to create a Messenger strategy to grow your business.

American Express took Small Business Saturday to the next level by partnering with the Facebook Anthology program, a group of leading video publishers known for their unique storytelling expertise. They achieved an 8-point lift in ad recall and millions of social engagements.

Celebrity Cruises achieved a 3x increase in online bookings by using Facebook’s dynamic ads, an efficient way to reach people with relevant ads based on their previous website activity.

To get prospects and customers interested in its B2B marketing automation solution, Salesforce used advanced matching for Custom Audiences and matched 2.3x more customers.

Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss boosted brand awareness and ad recall by modifying its TV spot for mobile News Feed.

These stories are only the beginning of what’s new in our Success Story section. See all the latest success stories.

Learn how the Facebook Pixel can help businesses measure, optimize and build audiences for their ad campaigns in the new Blueprint course Maximize your Ad Campaign with the Facebook Pixel.

Messaging is set to soar with 59% of people saying their messaging has increased over the last 2 years. Learn why, how and where people message—and what it means for marketers—in More Than a Message: The Evolution of Conversation.

See how the attitudes and actions of people 45 and older are changing, and how technology is helping them live life on their own terms in this new report: 45up: The Age of Empowerment.

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