Why Your Content Marketing Needs to Be Data-Driven

Image via Unsplash
When people think content, they often think creative. But in reality, great content marketing is a blend of both creativity and data.
On the data side of the equation, our industry is still learning. That’s not particularly surprising. After all, the name of the game is, quite literally, content. Many content marketers, some of whom came up in complementary professions like journalism, are so deeply immersed in the content creation process that it can be hard to turn their attention to the data side of things.
However, the value of data in the context of content marketing cannot be overstated. So how can marketers best incorporate data into their content strategies? It can help to frame up your thinking on the matter by lumping your data analysis needs into two buckets: post-distribution content effectiveness metrics and data that informs content creation itself. In other words, you must not only consider how data will help you determine whether, and to what degree, your content is connecting with its audience, but also how data can help guide your content creation process up front.