You Need To Hear This: DavidO Makes A Banging Return With ‘Gbagbe Oshi’


Davido-confirms-signing-of-Dremo-Mayor-Kun-to-HKN-Gang[1]There’s only as much as a creative soul can take from inactivity. Davido who signed over a lot of his music business to Sony Music Entertainment has had a late start this year.

Where others have raced out with singles this year, he has been patient, working on his first project from the music giants. At home he has subsisted on past glory and effective guest verses on collaborations.

‘Gbagbe Oshi’ isn’t the first song from the “Son Of Mercy” EP that we would have been bumping to. The original promotional and roll-out script had the collaboration with US singer Tinashe, ‘How long’ as the first of its kind. But as has been the case since he signed, the release was scrapped earlier in the month, with the singer embracing discontent and displeasure on social media.

He has his chance now; The EP has been announced, and everyone can now pre-order the 5-track special. ‘Gbagbe Oshi’ is the gift that comes with the pre-order, and it is such a delight.

Davido reprises his familiar role as the Shizzi’s partner in the studio, and the duo proceed to make magic. Thankfully, what hits you first is a refreshing feel. We have missed Davido, and all of his energy and signature vocals. For all the fears that his creative control will be ripped from his hands, on this new song, we still have our own good old Davido.

The vocal delivery is tweaked a bit to fit in with the dancehall influence of the bit, but he occasionally resorts to the basics of his delivery, his artistic flows still intact, but with a certain patois edge. Where he finds happiness is on the layer of Afrobeat instrumentation that is ubiquitous on the production, with background horns firing intermittently.

This is a wholesome meal, from the Sony Music man, and definitely will be a shoo-in for one of the late-year hits of 2017.

But was it worth the wait? Is this song strong enough to justify his absence for many months? That isn’t the point here. The “Son Of Mercy” EP is what the focus is on, and only then can this conversation be had objectively.

But in the meantime, You Need To Hear This because it is DavidO, back from the cold, and ending his content drought.

Credit: Joey Akan


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