Your Marketing Org Chart Doesn’t Work

Image via Unsplash
I wrote a version of this post for the Workfront blog.
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I have been in marketing in some form or fashion for 28 years. During much of that span, marketers’ roles, including my own, were delineated and codified. The org chart and process flows dictated precisely what you did, when, with whom, and who approved it and took your output to the next step.
In this way, marketing has been little different from a Henry Ford-esque assembly line, with the additions of a dose of creativity, Excel, trade show swag, and cool business cards.
But in my work running a marketing and customer experience consultancy, and interacting with hundreds of companies each year as an inspirational marketing keynote speaker, I have come to believe that the era of the marketing org chart as we have known it is coming to a close.
Where Do You Draw the Line?
The rapid and rampant integration of marketing disciplines that were